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Eddy Martinez

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Eddy is your premier luxury and commercial real estate expert. A true Entrepreneur at heart, always raising the bar and striving every day to be the best for his family, his clients and for himself.  With an unparalleled passion for the finer things in life and a keen eye for lucrative investment opportunities, Eddy is your go-to professional for all your high-end real estate needs. A former college athlete himself,  he is frequently sought after by professional athletes moving into the Miami area and other high private net worth individuals for the most important reason of all:  He treats every client with the respect, privacy and absolute laser focus on every transaction he is driving or assisting with.  Regardless of net worth or prestige he makes sure you understand that he is more interested in you being happy and satisfied with your investment than with his commission.  Eddy is originally from the Northeast NY/NJ area and if there is one thing he learned there that doesn’t always happen in Miami, it is this:  Your word is your bond.  That’s how he does business and protects your investments.  He is transparent and ensures that you are the number one objective when he is negotiating on your behalf.  Nothing else matters but you.  
If it’s water properties that you crave for; let Eddy treat you on his brand new 50’ Fly Bridge Yacht around the miami waterways and show you the many options available to you.  An incredible experience and a great way to see South Florida water properties, all while you sip on some champagne and enjoy the rich breezes from the ocean air.  Imagine being able to come right up to your future home and dock on your future private dock and experience what many realtors in Miami just aren’t able to easily offer.   Or perhaps you want to scout an area or locate your future lot or investment land or even that multi acre property up north.  As a private pilot, and the owner of multiple airplanes including the worlds most advance sophisticated and safest single engine airplanes ever built the Cirrus SR22T,  along with his partner professional and commercial rated CFI co-pilot, Eddy will provide you and up to 2 additional guests a fly over-experience that will certainly ensure you have no doubts about your future investment property.  To experience Miami from the air is an amazing experience all in itself and to do with the very same person that has nothing but your best  interest at heart letting you see the many different properties options available from a perspective that only few have that opportunity to experience in just extraordinary and goes to the original point , Eddy makes it all about you and nobody else.  When you are satisfied and you are able to sit back and know you didn't just have a realtor walk you in and out of properties, but rather a realtor that did all the heavy lifting, worked the numbers, reviewed all your wishes and biggest desires and provided you with a multitude of incredible options and then narrowed it down based on your criteria and then offered to experience your future investment, home, land, lot by land, sea or air; than that’s an agent you know cares less about the commission and more about the relationship and his word .. his bond.
 Armed with all these tools and access to what amounts to unfair advantage for everyone else but you, and along with an extensive knowledge of the luxury and commercial market, he combines his entrepreneurial spirit with a creative approach to help clients achieve their goals.  Eddy has over 30 years in corporate business; delivering exceptional care, building and commercializing the most impressive medical facilities in the country, and providing services within the largest and most prestigious health systems in the country.  As a result, Eddy's exceptional problem-solving skills, coupled with his ability to think outside the box, make him a true asset in the competitive world of real estate. From dazzling penthouses and exclusive estates to prime commercial properties, Eddy's dedication to delivering exceptional service and his friendly demeanor ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience.  Eddy is now part of the Lizzie Padro Group at COMPASS Florida furthering his national and international connections and outreach.  Give Eddy a call and begin working with one of the most committed advisors in the South Florida luxury and commercial market.    



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